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Do The Right Thing 2006-2007 WinnersThe ‘Do The Right Thing’ Program started in 1990 during a Miami Police Department awards ceremony when a teenager was recognized by the Chief of Police for turning in a loaded gun found at his school. Though it originated in Miami, youths all over the world including the youths of Belize have been encouraged by this program. 'Do The Right Thing' aims at encouraging youths by reinforcing socially desirable behavior among our young people. It will also serve as a means of demonstrating that “good kids” are newsworthy and will go a long way in fostering a positive relation between the Belize Police Department, youths and the community. This is an exceptional program that specifically targets in-school youths that have made a positive turn around in their lives and are role models to the other youths around them.

Over fifty youths have to date been recognized through the program and each year an annual winner is chosen from among the monthly nominees. Each nominees receive a DTRT t-shirts, personalized certificate and a letter from the Commissioner of Police. The ten top winners will be selected and recognized annually at a ceremony and will receive prizes, awards, scholarships and computers. They will also be publicly recognized on National Television and in the local newspapers. The overall top student will receive a special trip.

Many thanks to all those businesses who have sponsored the program. Other business houses are also encouraged to become a sponsor of this stimulating program so that it can be expanded to include out of school youths.


A student must demonstrate a combination of any eight (8) of the following criteria in order to be considered as a potential candidate:

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  1. Academic success or positive change in study habits
  2. Outstanding conduct or positive turn around in behavior
  3. Community service or helping neighbors
  4. Organizations the child belongs to and what they do
  5. Home conduct and help with family chores
  6. Participation in special events/activities
  7. Do they work? Where and how many hours?
  8. Personal problems overcome or adjusted to
  9. Feats of bravery or heroic acts performed
  10. Sports or hobbies involved in
  11. Turn around success stories
  12. Musical or artistic talents
  13. Physical or mental limitations overcome
  14. Examples of honesty and good citizenship


“It is heart warming to see young people being singled out and recognized for doing the right thing. Too often our young people are only spotlighted when they are on the wrong side of the law. Some psychologists even believe that this is the precise reason why some youths get into trouble so that they can be recognized. Commissioner awards Do The Right Thing winnerThe Do The Right Thing Program seeks to change that concept, and today, the spotlight is on these 23 youths who have made their families, their schools, their communities and their country proud. It is not easy to Do The Right Thing. I have read and personally heard the stories of some of these young people and the hardships and challenges that they had to overcome and I realize that it took great courage in the face of all that adversity, to stay strong and still Do The Right Thing as too often there is a great disparity between what is right and what is popular.” (excerpts from Commissioner Westby address at the 1st annual award ceremony of the Do the Right Thing Program)